We work with artisans collectives founded on the principles of equity, transparency, social justice, and environmental responsibility. With a vision to create sustainable livelihood among marginalized producers through the revival, development, and promotion of artisanship.

All collectives are members of the World Fair Trade Organization, some are founding members of the Fair Trade Forum- India and WFTO Asia.

Many of our pieces are made by hand. Artisans spin the yarn, weave the fabric, and use both foot pedal and electric machines to sew the garments together.

Supporting artisans goes beyond fair employment. It means empowering artisan communities, giving them education initiatives, access to healthcare, and contributing to the ethical fashion movement.

We price our products fairly for both our customers and most especially for our artisans.

Fair Pricing Structure
Size Guide
Size Bust Waist Hips
XS 33" 25" 35.5" 
S 35" 27" 37.5"
M 37" 29" 39.5"
L 39" 31" 41.5"
XL 41.5" 33.5" 44"